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EMI Product
E-Trac EMI Absorber

All NK absorber series based on accumulated technologies of magnetic materials can eliminate noises effectively. You can solve EMC/EMI problems by attaching materials simply on the parts of noise sources.
Conductive Foam

Conductive Foam NK DECF-P, a highly resilient Nickel - Copper polyurethane foam. NK DECF-P is ideal for applications that require conformity with excellent cavity-to-cavity EMI shielding, superior conductivity at low compression forces.
TRIZ Conductive Silicone Elastomer

EMI Elastomers made of metal particles in Silicone, with great technics for compounding and controlling shapes. The products have high conductivity and excellent shielding & sealing effects.
RFID Product

Our RFID products are innovative concept of full activity of tags. On the basis of our already built 2.45GHz hardware platform of extremely low power consumption and durability, we have built the first Real Time Operating System (RTOS) embedded on tag in the world, which is active, event-driven, independent, secure, expandable and with ultra-low power consumption.
Shielding Gasket

NK Corporation is a fully intergrated supply of profile EMI shielding gaskets (Fabric Over Foam). We specializes in quick turnaround of custom shapes and sizes. NK Corporation's engineers help design the right solution to any shielding problem.
Conductive Fabric

NK Conductive Fabric is manufactured by Ni and Cu plating on polyester fabrics.
THM Hankook Thermal Conductive Interface Pad / Gap Filler

The comprehensive thermal pad product lines provide an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic device or chassis where uneven surface topography, air gaps and rough surface textures are present.
Heat Sink Zecol Thermal Conductive Adhesive Tape

Copper Foil with Conductive Adhesive

CPCA07 is typically used for applications requiring excellent electrical conductivity from the application substrate through the adhesive to the foil backing.
ITO Conductive PET Film

We produces a wide range of optically clear (ITO PET) Indium Tin Oxide coated transparent, conductive film products.
COOL Thermal Spreadsheet


SMD Gasket

Industrial Insulation
Rubber Sponge

Chloroprene Rubber Sponge.
Soft Nanaocell Foam

NANOCELL foam is extra low modulus high density polyurethane foam sheet, which has shock absorption and low frequency vibration damping.
EVA Sponge

Cellular Silicone Foam

Consumable Product
Cleanroom Product

WIN was created by NK to readily meet the needs of the times, with excellent functions enough to cope with the ultimate dust-free condition in super clean rooms. Product details
Product details
Glass Vial / Glass Ampoule

Cosmetic Sponge

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