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E-Trac EMI Absorber

Electromagnetic Wave Absorber
Reduces EMC and SAR Problems
The rapid growth in the use of cellular phones and as well as the higher frequencies used in modern electronic equipment have resulted in malfunctions and other problems becoming more common in electronic equipment, which depends on electromagnetic radiation.

Usually, electronic equipment cannot be shipped until it has been tested in an anechoic chamber and the level of emitted undesired radiation has been shown to be below the relevant standards. Furthermore, it is desirable that this equipment operates without malfunction even in the presence of external electromagnetic fields. That is, a product cannot be shipped until it has met both these conditions; it must not emit excessive electromagnetic waves and it must not fail when subjected to electromagnetic waves.

The term EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), which one now hears frequently, refers to achieving both these electromagnetic conditions at the same time. Additionally, cellular phones cannot be sold unless they meet specific absorption rate (SAR) conditions. That is, the electromagnetic energy emitted (the SAR value) must be under the stipulated amounts for the various part of the human body.

All NK absorber series based on accumulated technologies of magnetic materials can eliminate noises effectively. You can solve EMC/EMI problems by attaching materials simply on the parts of noise sources.

Magnetic Metal Flake powder is used as a EMI/EMS Absorbing filler in plastics, elastomers, adhesive and paints.

EMI/EMS Absorbing sheet
EMI/EMS Absorbing paint
EMI/EMS Absorbing pastes and inks
EMI/EMS Absorbing adhesives and tapes
Features Application
- Excellent suppression effect of radiation from 10MHz to 18 GHz
- Noise suppression
- Flexible
- Mobile phone
- Noise suppression
Can be manufactured in many shapes, sizes and thickness.
Item Unit Test Method ASB-ADNK
Standard thickness MM KSM ISO 2589 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5
Standard size MM - A4
Temperature range - -30 ~ +100
Specific gravity - - 4.2
Surface resistance JIS K 6911 1.0 ⅹ 106
Thermal conductivity W/m.k ASTM D5470 0.62
Tensile strength Mpa JIS K 6251 6.7
Material     Polymer resin
Filler     Alloy metal flake
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