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Conductive Fabric
NK Conductive Fabric is manufactured by Ni and Cu plating on polyester fabrics. The base layer is the highly conductive Cu, with or without an outer layer of Ni for corrosion resistance. Ni/cu/Ni coated polyester fabrics offer excellent electric conductivity, SE and anticorrosion for a diverse range of requirements.
Application Special Feature
- ESD sheet
- Cable shield
- Radar Reflection
- Tempest room
- Shield screen, gasket, tape, shield window
- Finger mark, Burr prevention
Product Code DE1-280C-NK DE2-280C-NK
Material structure Layer no.1 Nickel Nickel
Layer no.2 Copper Copper
Layer no.3 Nickel Nickel
Layer no.4 Polyester woven fabric Polyester woven fabric
Electrically Properties
Volume Resistivity O,sq.inch ≤ 0.08 ≤ 0.08
Shielding Effectiveness dB 88-102(40MHz - 1GHz) 88-102(40MHz - 1GHz)
Physical Properties
Type   Taffeta Ripstop
Plating   Ni+Cu+Ni Ni+Cu+Ni
Material base   Polyester Polyester
Thickness mm 0.11 +/- 10% 0.12 +/- 10%
Width mm 1100 1100
Length M/roll 150 150
Yarn count   274T 274T
Density (Warp x Weft) inch x inch 186 x 88 186 x 88
Thread (Warp x Weft) 36F 50D x 75D 50D x 75D
Service temperature °C 210°C 210°C
Flame Resistance UL94 Listed VTM-1 and VTM-0 Listed VTM-1 and VTM-0
Mechanical Properties
 Elongation       (%)  warp 27.6 ± 10 27.6 ± 10
weft 36.8 ± 10 36.8 ± 10
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