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RFID Product
Professional of Advanced Long Range Radio Frequency Identification
Our RFID products are innovative concept of full activity of tags. On the basis of our already built 2.45GHz hardware platform of extremely low power consumption and durability, we have built the first Real Time Operating System (RTOS) embedded on tag in the world, which is active, event-driven, independent, secure, expandable and with ultra-low power consumption.

Our active RFID products show great features, such as long reading range, high anti-collision capability, and long work life. Especially, with the configurable RTOS, we can realize many complicated functions with our tags for industry and consumer applications.

RFID Application
» Security access control, Building access, Personal Identification, Time Attendance, e-Passport and e-Citizen
» Member card, Credit card, Toll tags, e-Ticket and e-Purchasing
» Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, Cargo Management and Logistics
» National Animal Identification, Animal Tagging, FoodTraceability and Disease Control
» e-Seal and anti-tamper
» Electronics Immobilization
» Retail Store (EPC)
Frequency System
135 kHz 13.56 MHz 868/915 MHz, 2.45 GHz
Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Interference field Resistant to Electromagnetic Interference field
Absorption Rate
Lower Absorption Rate (Damping) for Water or non-conductive substances Higher
Proximity Range Long range (2-15 m)
Better Penetration of Objects Worse
Data Transmission Rate
Slow Data Transmission Rate Fast
Antennae Size
Larger Antennae Size Smaller
Memory Type EEPRom SRAM with battery backup
Frequency System
135 kHz 13.56 MHz 868/915 MHz, 2.45 GHz
Transponder type
Passive Transponder
Active Transponder(with Battery Backup)
EAS » Read/Write
» Anti-collision
» Authentication, Encryption
» Smart card Os, Cryptographic coprocessor
» Read/Write
» Anti-collision
Coupling Type
Inductive Coupling Electromagnetic Field
System Type
Low-End, Medium-End systems High-End System Low-End, Medium-End, High-End systems
Transmission power 72 dBuA/m 42 dBuA/m 10 to 100 mW, 500mW, Up to 4 W
For mobile phone 13.56MHz
- 13.56 MHz
- 900 MHz
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