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Beryllium copper's electrical properties provide shielding effectiveness over an extremely broad frequency range. At the same time, its mechanical properties yield a high deflection range, in addition to a long life without compression set. BeCu finger stock provides maximum spring properties for strength and fatigue resistance, plus excellent conductivity. Available in many plating options, BeCu has a high cycle time and conforms to large gap variations making it the best material for attenuation.
C hemical Composition
Beryllium 1.80 - 2.00 %
Cobalt plus nickel Min. 0.20%
Cobalt + nickel + iron 0.60%
Copper Balance
P hysical Properties (heat treated)
Electrical conductivity (%) 22 - 25
Modulus of elasticity (psi) 18.5 x 106
M echanical Properties
Temper 1,000 psi 1/4 HT 1/2 HT
Tensilt Strength Min. 175 Min. 185
Yield Strength 0.2% offset Min. 150 Min. 160
C ompression
The purpose of shielding is to occupy and thereby shield the gap that exists between two adjoining surfaces. In order to be effective, shielding gaskets must be able to occupy both the maximum and minimum gaps, which exist due to fabrication tolerances, misalignment of surfaces, or irregular surfaces. Proper compression management is essential to ensure effective EMI shielding. requirements. The compression data provided is for reference only.
At the maximum gap the gasket should be compressed approximately 25%. Gaskets may be compressed to 50% of their height or more.
EMI Shielding Attenuation
For maximum attenuation of a gasketed gap, the contact resistance of the mounting joint and closing joint must be very low and remain so throughout the life of the product. While a gasket may have the potential for very high attenuation under ideal conditions, over time oxidation, corrosion and dirt at the mounting and closing joints may reduce effectiveness. Factors influencing contact resistance over the life of the product are pressure (closing force), plating, and wiping action. We can help you determine the optimal specifications to ensure sustained attenuation.

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