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Soft Nanaocell Foam
NANOCELL foam is extra low modulus high density polyurethane foam sheet, which has shock absorption and low frequency vibration damping. Also It is very soft, good conformability and sealability against irregular surface. No corrosive gases are generated and gas generation less than 0.5%. It is consist in their unique cell structure and the average cell size is about 100 microns. Which has high density and uniformity.

They maintain excellent resistance to compression set, which enables durable, long-term performance for gasketing. Covered with slip coating, both sides of the foam excel in slipping.
Material   Polyurethane Foam
Thickness MM Thickness Gauge 6.0±5%
Color   Visual Black
Density g/㎤ ASTM 3574 0.24±10%
Tear Strength kg/cm ASTM D624 1.2±10%
Hardness Shore "oo" ASTM D2240 34~37
Tensile Strength kg/㎠ ASTM 3574 3±10%
Elongation % ASTM 3574 120±20
Compression Set % ASTM 3574 5.8±10%
25%Compression Force kPa ASTM D1056 0.3±10%
UV Resistance   ASTM G53-95 Good
Dimensional Stability
( % max. change)
20hrs. @60℃ in 80% moisture ±2
(Ball Rebound Tester)
ASTM D2632-92 5±10%
Corrosion Resistance   AMS 3568 Pass
Ozone Resistance   GM4486P Pass
(total mass loss)
ASTM E595 ≤ 0.5
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