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Conductive Foam
Conductive Foam NK DECF-P, a highly resilient Nickel - Copper polyurethane foam. NK DECF-P is ideal for applications that require conformity with excellent cavity-to-cavity EMI shielding, superior conductivity at low compression forces.
Application Structure
To solve the electronic problems such as EMI, EDS and mechanical problems, conductive foam is applying to mobile phones, notebook computer, and LCD monitor etc.
Conductive PU Coating
Conductive Foam
Conductive Adhesive
Release Liner
Item Unit Test Method NK-DECF-P
Standard thickness MM ASTM D374 0.3mm to 6mm (+/- 0.3)
Standard size MM Measurement Tape 300MMX50M
Adhesive Strength 180 peel * gf/25mm 26°C *60% R.H. > 1,000
SUS304 plate 30 min, 300mm/min  
Holding Strength sec PET film(25µm),40°C, 500g > 3,600
Volume Conductivity Ω/sq inch/0.5Kgf < 0.2
Material Conductive PU Coating Polymer resin : Polyurethane
Conductive Foam Polyurethane foam (Copper and Nickel Plated)
Mesh Polyester woven mesh with Copper and Nickel Plated
Conductive Adhesive Conductive one side adhesive
Release Liner CP paper avg 70µm
Conductive adhesive resin composition Acrylic ester poly copolymer + Nickel powder
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